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''THE KNIGHT, THE PRINCESS AND THE INVISIBLE VIRUS'' is a beautifully illustrated book that guides children gently through the many big questions about the virus which is acusing so much damage in the world.

Questions such as 'How do we fight it?', 'Why do I have to stay inside?', 'Will my pet get sick?' and 'Why can't I see my grandparents?'' are answered simply, truthfully and clearly to help adults explain to children what happens when the virus arrives.

Written like a dialogue between two friends who live next door,  It is entertaining and informative with a simple but exciting narrative, accompanied by illustrations of knights in shining armour, castles, kings and queens, and a warrior princess who knows it all.

Suitable for children aged 4+, this is an ideal book for parents and carers to read with their children, as well as teachers, therapists and counsellors working with young children.


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