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Setting up "A" frame for shooting car

Filmking from a horse

Shooting as the point of view of one of the King's Horsemen (actual clip)

Rehearsing horses charging up some stairs

Drone work on car commercial.

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Filming underwater in Fiji (ocean)

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Green screen backstage set up and filming with technocrane

Filming underwater at Pinewood underwater stage

Filming in Pinewood underwater studio

Rehearsing horses charge and battle

sir Franz Pagot receives Fellowship from IMIS

Setting up a Giraffe crane

Head grip "Tigger" (Ian Mussell)

Backstage montage

moments on set

On set blocking the action

with 1st AD Terry Bamber and Stunt Coordinator Anton Pisani

helicopter wescam filming

Filming underwater

Pacific Ocean

Drone filming

car commercial

Wave effect on boat

with SFX specialist Digby Milner

Wave effect on land

with stand in

Underwater set

Grading session

feature film

Underwater filming

In pool for commercial

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