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Something to help everyone.

Scroll down and download what you need. You can use the files and images as per fair use terms but to put it simple , you can download only for your own (or educational) use, NOT for commercial gain, and no, you cannot redistribute in any shape or form.

If you want to suggest additional material feel free to contact us here.

​If you have been given a link please click  here

Contracts for film and TV


Clicking on the image allows you to dowload a zip file with more than 200 different contracts for film and tv. Doing so you agree to only use these docs for educational purposes and we accept no liability for improper use.Always consult a qualified lawyer before using any legally binding document downloaded from the internet.



​For guerrilla style shooting click here


Camera and equipment manuals


Clicking on the image you will be redirected to a page that contains downloadable manuals of the most popular cameras in use today.


There are also other technical manual of different types of equipment in use on movie sets.


Technical references


Clicking on the image  you will be redirected to a page that contains useful technical reference material to shoot underwater and from helicopters, and much more.


Secure area


Clicking on the image takes you to a password protected area.


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